Tax Services

Bunting, Tripp & Ingley knows the intricacies of tax matters. Our tax specialists are proactive and work with you on an ongoing basis to minimize your taxes and maximize your profits, so you can focus on the business operations. Our team of tax experts specialize in the following areas:

Corporate Taxes

All businesses are faced with the issue of operational taxes at the corporate level, or if pass-through entity, at the personal level. How much you pay can be greatly influenced by your tax planning strategies. We recognize a number of potential tax planning opportunities that assist in increasing your bottom line while reducing your overall taxes. Whether your company needs advice on federal and state tax, employee and shareholder compensation, and purchase or financing structures, we can help.

Personal and Family Taxes

We believe that all business owners should ensure their tax obligations are reduced. Our tax advisors specialize in both personal and corporate tax so that the tax positions are integrated and aligned. We provide tax planning and compliance services to ensure you meet your personal financial goals. These services include tax consulting and planning, and tax compliance.

Tax Compliance

Bunting, Tripp & Ingley provides comprehensive tax preparation and filing to keep you in compliance with the law. Save time and effort, and take the worry out of taxation by letting us help you with your returns. Taxation compliance has long been one of this firm’s strongholds. With expertise in individual and business taxation, we are here to help you minimize your taxes and meet all your tax reporting requirements. In addition to income tax return reporting, we prepare estate and gift tax returns for individuals, and assist in responding to tax audits and other non-compliance issues. We will always advise you of changes in the law so we can help identify tax saving opportunities.

Tax Planning Strategies

To help you move forward to where you want to be – enjoying more of your assets while minimizing taxes, our firm’s tax planning services offer you integrated tax consultation and strategic advice. Whether you want to structure a family property transfer, reorganize your business or defer tax on the sale of an asset, our firm’s tax planning will help you avoid traps and proactively reduce your taxes to the greatest extent possible. We offer innovative planning alternatives and will even represent your interests before the Internal Revenue Service or applicable state revenue agencies.

Mergers & Acquisitions Tax

Tax efficient acquisition or divestiture structuring can make the difference between a mediocre result and a successful one. Effective tax planning can also help you avoid complicated legal and regulatory tax issues. We have solid experience and expertise in business acquisitions, equity investments, asset and share transactions and management buyouts. 

Estate & Succession Planning

Estate and succession planning involves difficult decision-making and a number of technical tax issues. We understand both the poignant and technical tax issues.

The transfer of assets to the next generation can attract significant taxes if not well planned. For owner- managers, this can threaten the viability or continued family ownership of a business. We provide practical advice in such areas as owner-manager succession, debt and equity ownership, financial structuring, tax planning, wealth preservation and planning opportunities with wills.

Indirect Taxation

It is important to your company’s future to take care of indirect tax matters, such as payroll taxes, excise tax, sales tax, and multi-state taxes. We help you minimize your indirect taxes and make sure these taxes are collected and remitted as required.