Before Moving Close to Your Grandchildren

No one may better appreciate the value of family than grandparents. And, the relationship between grandparent and grandchild can be a uniquely rewarding one.

With a level of wealth and good health that may be unmatched by any previous generation of grandparents, many have made a lifestyle decision to move to live near their grandchildren. If you're considering moving to be near your grandchildren during retirement, you'll want to consider certain points.

Here are six key questions you'll want to answer before making any move.

What is the potential financial impact of making a move? Consider the cost of moving and the cost-of-living where your grandchildren call home.

What and who are you leaving behind? Think about the friendships and associations that you'll be changing by moving away.

What do your adult children think? They have lives of their own and you need to understand the parameters of your involvement in their lives and their children's lives, and whether this matches your expectations.

How likely is it that your adult children will move? If you expect career-related relocations are possible after a short time, you may want to think about how disruptive a succession of moves may be to your life.

Will this new community meet your needs? The town where your grandchildren live should offer activities and organizations that match your interests and opportunities to create new friendships.

What is your relationship with your adult child and his or her spouse? If you're not included in certain activities, will you feel isolated?

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